Advance Balloon Dog

Now that you can make a simple dog try this one.

Step 1--Blow up the balloon half way or a little more. This will determine the size of your dog.

Step 2-- Twist a 3 to 4-inch bubble or 3 or 4 fingers wide.This will be the face of your dog.

Step 3--While holding on to the twisted balloon, make another bubble the same size. This will be one ear. 

Don't forget..Do not let go.

Step 4--Make another balloon bubble the same size. This is the other ear. 


 Step 5--Twist balloon joints A & B together. Twist it 2 or 4 times all the way around. This is called a Lock Twist because it locks your bubbles together.

Step 6—Now make the neck. Twist a 2 to 3-inch bubble or 3 or 4  fingers wide. Make sure you hold on to both parts of the balloon.

Step 7-- Front legs, start by twisting 2, 2 to 3-inch   bubbles. Just like the ears of the dog. Now Lock twist them together.

Step   8-- Make the body as long as you like remembering   that you need to make the back legs too. Twist the legs like you did in step 7 

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Balloon directions for a simple dog