Twisting an Advance Balloon Dog

Practice twisting this dog until you feel comfortable and can do it by heart.. Your on your way to the wonderful world of creating your own balloon designs.

We would love the chance to teach you more balloon designs with our workshops. 

Perfect for kids parties,after school programs, scout meetings and Libraries.

Follow these simple steps

Step 1--Blow up the balloon half way.

Step 2-- The Nose. Start at the knot ( 1) twist a 3 to 4-inch bubble.  

Make sure you hold on to both ends of balloon, otherwise it will untwist. 

Step 3--While holding on to the twisted balloon, make another bubble the same size. 

( 2 ) This will be the ear. Do not let go.

Step 4--Make another balloon bubble the same size ( 3 ) This is the other ear.  

Step 5--Lock twist balloon joints 2 & 3 together. Twist 2 or 4 times all the way around

Step 6--Now for the neck. Twist a 2 to 3-inch bubble ( 4)  

Step 7--Let's make the legs. Twist a 2 to 3-inch bubble. ( 5 ) 

Step 8--Second leg Twist a 2 to 3-inch bubble. ( 6 ) Lock  twist those two parts together

just like you did with the ear

 Step 9-- Make a body by determining the size you want it and leaving enough room to make the back legs ( 7  )

Step 10...Make the legs like you did in the front legs  ( 8 & 9 )

The remaining balloon is the tail of your dog..