Our business & community work go hand in hand in helping others.

  • Please tell your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers about us. With your help and trust in us we have donated over $2,000 worth of food to help our community.

Starting the Holiday season of 2007, I met some new friends at a Levittown Kiwanis meeting. They were getting ready for their annual food drive, and I was eager to help.  I was wondering what happens after the holidays? With that in mind my son and I came up with an idea. We have been doing Balloon and Magic workshops for the girl scouts throughout the Nassau area. They are always willing to help others and earn a new badge, so, We offered them a $10.00 discount on the workshops if the girls would bring in non-perishable foods and supplies to help stock our local food pantry. When the school year ended and there weren't any more troop meetings, we didn't have a way to help. We had to think of something else. 

So Now....

  • To show our appreciation for your repeat business and referrals ​we will donate $10.00 worth of food to help the Levittown Kiwanis fill our local food pantry. 
  • Once we do your party or event we will donate the food to them, in your name. 

* Special thanks to our friend Gary Crozier

For picking the food up from our house, bringing it to the food Pantry and taking the time to send everyone Thank you notes.

Thank you for helping us fill our local food pantry with the supplies they need.

The highest compliment you can give us, is the referral of your friends & family or calling us back to entertain you again.  
Thank you for your trust in us! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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