Step 1:


   Blow up two balloons leaving about a 5 inch tail at the end. Tie the knots together or twist two small bubbles on each knotted side and lock twist them together. 

Step 2:


 Place the balloons around your head to determine the size you will need to fit you. Hold onto both balloons and Lock twist the balloons together at this point. 

Step 3:


 Make a loop bubble from 2 –4 inches long ( this will depend on how much balloon you have left ) Twist it into the lock twist.

Step 5:


With the other balloon twist another loop bubble the same size and twist the balloon into the lock twist.

Steps 6 & 7:

 Step 6-To make the bubbles on top; twist the balloon about an inch from the end and push the air to the top of the balloon.

Step 7- Now twist the balloon antenna to face up.

Our balloon twisting workshops are perfect for children's parties, events or programs !

This is a fun, exciting and safe way to be creative. 


Don’t be afraid of twisting​ and bending your balloons as much as you wish. Have fun experimenting and creating, after all that is how you will learn and get more creative with them. 

 ​Twist and then Shout " Look what I made "  

Long Island children's magician in New York