Jumping Rubber Band Magic Trick

Make a rubber band mysteriously jump from two fingers to another on the same hand !

  1. Hold your hand up naturally and wrap the rubber band around your pinkie and ring fingers. Let the rubber band rest at the base of your fingers.
The back of your hand should be facing your audience (The picture shows your hand from your view 

  2. With your other hand, stretch the rubber band and insert the tips of your pinky, ring, middle and first fingers into it.


3. Rest your fingers in the rubber band against the palm of your hand.

All of your fingers should rest inside of the rubber band  and the band is held against your fingertips.​


 4. Now for the Magic Illusion.  Simply open (straighten) all of your fingers to make the rubber band "jump" to your index and middle fingers.

Note that by reversing the direction, you can make the rubber band jump back to the original fingers.



Practice this move several times so it feels natural to you. 

Then show it to your Friends, Family and Pets before you show it off to the world!

Add to the fun and make a silly story up to go with this trick.

We would love to teach you some more simply magic tricks.

Give the gift of magic and creativeness to your family and guest, invite us to your next party or event and let us teach them some fun magic routines.