Magic Bottle Trick Effect:

Show everyone a bottle and wand. Tell them this is a magic wand that suspends it's self. You drop the wand into the bottle (noting how easily it falls in). You turn the bottle over and let go of the wand. The wand magically remains suspended in the bottle. 

Supplies: Eraser, Magic wand or pencil that is taller than the bottle ( part of it should still be sticking up through the opening )~a bottle that has an opening large enough to fit the wand in (but not too big).  The bottle cannot be see-through. Before you start: Cut a piece off  the eraser, just large enough to wedge the wand into the opening of the bottle. 

The eraser is what makes the trick work!  

Secret: Pass the bottle to the volunteer and ask them to make sure its empty.Take back the bottle and give your friend the wand.  Meanwhile, slip the piece of eraser into the bottle without anyone seeing (you can have it in your pocket until this point).  You'll need to practice this a few times. Take the wand back and drop it into the bottle. Pick up the wand and bottle and turn them VERY SLOWLY upside down (mumble all sorts of enchantments while you're doing this).  Pull on the wand slightly when the bottle is turning over so the piece of eraser gets wedged into the opening (you'll need to practice this a few times too). Let go of the wand... PRESTO!  It doesn't fall out. Slowly turn upright again.  Let go of everything and PRESTO the wand remains suspended in the bottle (it doesn't fall back down). To remove the wand, push it slightly to release the eraser and then take it out. 

I know what you wrote!

​Choose a volunteer; Tell her you are going to send a simple word from your mind to hers. Tell her to clear her mind so you can send the word to her mind. Now write the word NO in big letters on a pad, but don't let anyone see it. Now both of you concentrate so you can send the word to her.  After you sent "the thought" to her ask " Do you have any idea what I have just written?" of course she will say "NO" as soon as she says that turn the pad over act surprised and say "You did it that's exactly what I wrote!" 

 The Date   ​

Here's a chance to act very mysterious, and end up being very silly at the same time. Offer your friend a hand full of pennies and tell him to choose one. Have him look at the date and remember it. “Would you be amazed if I could tell you the date?” Think for a while, concentrate, and make him wonder if you can really do it. Finally in you must convincing, magical voice announce:  ​ "The date is ...and then state today’s date, all I promised to do was tell you the date and you have to be honest and admit I did it didn't I !

Color Thoughts

You will need :  3 to 4 different colored crayons.

Let someone pick a crayon. With your mind-reading powers you tell them the color they chose.

Secret Steps

Turn around so you can’t see the color they choose. Put your hands behind your back and ask them to pick a crayon out and place it into your hands.

2. Once it’s in your hand, turn to face your audience keeping your hands behind you. While you’re talking about the magic, and reading their mind, scrape the crayon with a thumbnail so some wax gets stuck between your finger and the nail.

3. keeping the crayon behind your back, bring the hand with the crayon scrapings in front. Wave your fingers around, while telling them to just think of the color they picked so you can get that thought…you will now tell them the color they picked 

Or…Turn back around have person take crayon back from you and then turn to face audience again. You can then take all the crayons back and then present their crayon to them..

Play on words

 Tell your friend that if she can tear a sheet of paper into four equal parts you will give her a quarter. Now watch as she does it in amazement, then say wow you did it. I will now have to give you a quarter as promised. Look around for a quarter then smile and say as promised here is your quarter and hand her a piece of the paper which happens to be a quarter of the sheet.

Science Magic

​Combing out the pepper.  Mix a little bit of salt and pepper into a small pile on the table. Now ask someone if they think they can separate the salt and pepper from each other. After your friends try their best to do so. Show them how it’s done. Take a comb and run it through your hair a few times. This will give the comb a charge of electricity. Now drag the comb over the pile of salt and paper. The pepper grains will come to the electric charge and stick to the comb, because it’s lighter 

than the salt.

 Rope Trick Effect

​Holding a piece of rope, You place the ends of the rope into your hand and close your fingers around the ends.  You shake the rope. slightly, says a magic word, blow on your hand and drop one end of the rope.  Magic!  The end has a knot in it!  Supplies: One long piece rope.  ​Secret: The rope already has a knot in one end... Tie a knot in one end of the rope. Hide this end with the knot in your hand and bring the other end of the rope up next to it. Shake your hand as if you're trying to knot it.  Drop the end with the knot and it looks like you have tied a knot in the rope using one hand.

Enjoy the secrets of magic !

Before you buy any expensive magic tricks go to your library and find books on how to make your own magic tricks out of things you have at home or buy inexpensively.

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