Let's get started

 Seal the envelope and cut off a small section of each end of the envelope to form a tube. 

Make a paper doll, which can be a simply strip of paper with a person drawn on it. Make sure the paper can be slide in nicely through the slits you make in envelope.

Flatten the tube and cut two slits into the tube, Just enough to be able to slide your doll through it. This will be the backside of your envelope and the secret of being able to cut your doll in half and restore her back. Make sure that the slits are wide enough so the paper doll can slide through them.

**You're ready to perform the trick.**

You can put the doll in the envelope ahead of time or in front of your audience. If you decide to slide the doll in the envelope in front of your audience practice doing 

so until you are comfortable doing so. 

Slide the paper doll into the paper tube. Slip the end of the doll through the first slit and out of the back of the envelope. While you work the doll into the tube, you'll need to slip the doll back into the tube through the second slit.


When sliding your doll into the envelope it will simply look like it is entering the envelope on one side and emerging from the other. The spectators don't know that the middle of the "person" is 

actually underneath the envelope and not going through it.

But we know that, the doll is actually under the middle part of the tube. Although from the front, 

everything will appear normal.

Now for the fun and illusion
Cut the envelope and doll in half making sure that you are cutting under the envelope, but above the paper doll. 

After you magical cut the paper doll in half, hold the two pieces of the envelope together and pull out the paper doll. It will appear that the paper doll has survived the cutting. You can allow spectators to examine the doll, but quietly crumple-up and discard the paper tube before they ask to see it.

Awesome Job You are now a Magician !

We would love to teach you more simply magic tricks. 

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Practice, Practice and Practice until you feel comfortable with the moves and patter.

Telling a fun story along with the trick makes it more fun and interesting, so use your imagination and come up with something silly or scary to say while performing this trick.  Have fun sharing this magic trick with your friends & family !

We Would love to have you share some of your fun stories so, please write and tell us what you came up with...