Children's Indoor & outdoor party games !

A fun way to entertain kids at any party. 

Dance Party

This game allows children to work off their energy and act silly. Prepare a few signs with command words for actions, like "jump," "clap" or "spin." Also include a few things  they can mimic, like "cat," "monster" or "airplane." Choose a fun dance song and start the music, letting the children dance. Hold up a sign; say the word now let them
act it out, as the music is on. Once the children get used to playing along mix up the music and command actions. You can do a freeze dance game like this. Tell the children you will play music when it stops they have to act out the command.

Edible Finger Paints
4 tablespoons of sugar ,1/2 cup of corn flour
3 cups cold water, Food coloring
Stir sugar and corn flour together. While stirring, slowly add water and heat over medium heat until mixture thickens. It will thicken further when it cools. Divide into containers

This is a fun game to play with children at birthday parties, camps and scout meetings
STEP 1: Make the Bingo Card.
Each child is given a sheet of paper and folds it four times so that there are 16 squares. This is the bingo card.  ( You can print cards in advance)
The kids walk around the room with the cards and collect signatures from the other kids, until all sixteen spaces are filled.

If you have less than sixteen kids, include words like birthday, gifts, friends or have them get duplicate signatures on their cards.

STEP 2: Play the Bingo Game.
Each child writes their name on a small slip of paper and drops it into a paper bag or container. Now pull out names. 

For extra fun, When a name is called, the child stands up, introduces themselves and shares something about herself with the group (age, family, teacher, favorite color, book, activity). Then all the kids cross off the name on their bingo cards. The first person to get four squares crossed off in a row is the winner. 

Continue playing until all the kids have won.
For the younger children that can't read yet, use stickers!
Have  a theme party? Use those stickers. Each child should get the same stickers. 

Make blank bingo boards up for each child.
Give each child a sticker to put on the spot of their choose,(one sticker per spot ). 

To play the game hold up a sticker and have the children mark that spot with that sticker on it. 

​For no hurt feelings clap for each child that gets bingo and play until everyone wins


The Dot Dabber Dice Game
All you need is …Dot art paint dabbers, a die, coffee filters (any paper would work fine) Newspaper to put coffee filters on.  Here’s how to play … line up all the dot dabbers in a row. Have each player take one coffee filter.  The youngest player rolls the die first, and then takes the dot dabber that is first in the
 line and dabs as many dots that are on the die on their own coffee filter. When the players turn is over, the next person rolls the die and uses the same dot dabber
on their coffee filter (that way EVERYONE gets to use all the colors!) Play continues until all the colors are used … 

or your coffee filter is full
​ (depending on how long YOU want the game to go!). It’s great because a wide age range can enjoy the game, there’s really no limit on how many players can play (solo or group play), and everyone wins!  ​Not to mention, you end up with some really cool art!!!


Fun outdoor activity. ​​

Divide the kids up in groups or two's. Place a shower cap on one child per group and add whipped cream or shaving cream on top of it.
Now have the kids throw cheerios,or cheetos,on top. Whichever group catches the most wins. To make it noncompetitive, have two or three children at time take turns
 wearing caps and let the others take turns trying to throw a cheeto on it. 


​Hot potato spelling bee.
You will need: Music player. Ball or something to pass along. Letters of word you are having everyone spell out. Enough for each child.
If it’s a party for someone have the kids spell out their name, age or the theme of the party.
How to play: Sit the children cross legged on the floor in a circle.
When you start the music, have children pass the ball around. When you stop the music, whoever has the ball gets a letter. The game ends when one child completes the word.

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