Appearing Wand Magic Tricks


Fun simple Magic trick for children to make and do!

 ** You need to have a grown up help you prepare this trick ** 

You will need..

Drinking straw,Utility knife or scissor,small rubber band and small container to fit your magic wand into.


Using a scissor or utility knife Prepare the straw by having a grownup cut the straw length wise to form a strip. 

 Now you can roll the strip completely to form a small and tight cylinder. This may be difficult to do because will want to stay as its original shape. It behaves like a coil spring and opens rapidly when released. Hold it together with a rubber band.

To perform

Take the rubber band off or just roll wand up before placing in container. 

Place your magic wand the container and cover. Tell a story or look around for a magic wand open container and pull your magic wand out.

Share the Fun Of Magic

Practice the handling of your magic wand. 

Tell a fun clown story with it and then have fun sharing this magic Trick with your friends and family.