Our Clothes Line Savings

Many of us have clothes we don't need any more and usually bring them to the
nearest clothes containers not knowing what happens to them.
Some people just go the easy route and throw out perfectly good clothes 

rather than give them away.
Others keep some clothes in their closets hoping to fit into them or have

 an occasion to wear it.     
We came up with the perfect solution to help you rid the clothing you really don't need.
It's our way to make it easy for you to help other people and save money too.
Donate your unwanted clothes to us and we will give them to the organization 

we are associated with.
As a thank you we will give you $25.00 off the entertainment

 we do for your child's party or your special event  

Clothes must be clean and in good condition!  

Because of your help 3 different organizations we are associated with will be provided with clothing.   

Can not be combined with discounted pricing or gift certificates

       Excludes scout workshops

  **In memory of my parents who raised 8 children Suzanne & Jack Chaimowitz** 

Children's party entertainers Long Island in New York