​​​​​​Words and thoughts From the veterans and many volunteers.


 I am a US veteran of the US Army, staying at the homeless shelter on the northport VA grounds. There are many different stories for why some of us veterans are staying at the beacon house but, for whatever the reason we all had something that caused us to reach low points in our lives. We all share the same bond though of serving our country and being homeless. Carol Klein takes the time once or twice a month to bring smiles to homeless veterans faces. She teams up with other caring citizens who take their time to come out and bring joy to veterans who feel hopeless. This week she was helped by the wonderful cooks, Laurie "the guns" Condon and Roseann "with no E" Magrane. They took the time to cook and serve us some fantastic sesame chicken and white and spanish rice. That along with the time Mrs. Klein takes making and bringing us great gifts and donations really made my down spirits feel lifted. I will share such a story so you can understand how the impact of these wonderful types of events and people can bring joy to some veterans who feel so alone and hopeless. Im a person who grew up in an average household but, always felt a little different. I decided to join the Army to get away and start new, being 17 I knew everything but, as we all know, really knew nothing. I joined an institution that helped me grow up. The military taught me respect, honor, commitment and brotherhood. I served during the desert storm war. I felt pride and dignity standing up for a country.I was learning to love and most of all, be willing to die for. My sacrifices are little to those that have been injured both physically and mentally, as well as all those that gave the greatest sacrifice, their lives. I went on to have a pretty normal life, ups and downs like most of us go through in life. About 2 years ago my father came down with cancer and I moved down to Florida to help out my mom with his care. He died late last year, soon to be followed by two heart attacks and strokes my mom suffered shortly there after. We moved mom into a more stable environment . During this time though I began to drink heavily and even got myself in some trouble with the law. Being born in an Irish catholic family, I was taught that men take care of their own issues. I tried to get a grip all by myself just finding that I was feeling more and more depressed. With mom in a safe place I moved back to NY, thinking surrounding myself with family and friends would boost my spirits. My depression for whatever reason even got worse. I began having suicidal thoughts and started planning how I was going to do it, after two days I decided to make a system to have the carbon monoxide funneled into my vehicle. Some call it divine intervention I call it lack of proper planning, the cars today do not let carbon monoxide out of the vehicles. I woke up disappointed that I was not successful, a smelly smoky car with one of the worst headaches I ever had. A little later a friend called and just asked to talk to me, realizing I needed help and knowing I was a vet, he brought me to the VA. They put me in the psych ward....I continuously had the desire to die, a few people there care most are there for a paycheck. I have never felt so low in my life and never felt like committing suicide 24/7. After some care they got me stabilized and got me into the beacon house and their alcohol abuse program. I still battle a few times a day with wanting to die, but when people come here like carol, laurie and roseann, on their own accord and full of sincerity, it makes despresssed and lonely veterans like me feel that for at least that time they are here, there is HOPE. Thank you ladies for caring for some of us it is a matter of life and death. keith S. 11/16

"Hi Carol! We are delighted to support our Veterans!Glad to hear everyone had a great time!" AdventureLand 8/14

​​Upon meeting Carol at one of my appearances in Levittown, and asked if I would be interested in donating some time to "Honor Our Homeless Veterans"..I immediately, no second thoughts... said "YES". I wasn't quite sure how my Number " Psychic" presentation was going to go or if it would go at all with them..but..it went great!.  We got quite a few laughs, smiles and some teary eyes...including me. The funniest part was..they knew I had their number!!!!! That's what being a Numerologist is all about!!! We take for granted these men and of course women, the service they bestow upon us, their lives in the line of fire, danger, for our protection, their family's protection, our own governments protection...I admit, it was shameful to see these Heroes and how forgotten and lost in the system they became...and they know it.  All citizens of the USA should know it....and let our government know.... WE KNOW..THEY DONT KNOW...OR CARE? I want to applaud Carol and Mark Klein who give without question, no salary, their own travel /spent gas, phone calls, e-mails, asking people to volunteer their time like they do, and I did, and when the evening is over and just one, not two or three or 10 guys...just one comes over to you and gives you a hug and says "thank you" there are no words  to express that moment. I was honored to be a part of their time and looking forward to going back again in the near future. To Our Honored Heroes...I SALUTE YOU! Blessings Carol and Mark....and thank you!!!Sincerely, Lois Martin P.S.  Thank you guys for my personal "signed by all of you" carry bag and snap shot we all took together...indeed a treasurable memory.  

God Bless. 7/11

​I had an amazing night last night! I was honored to be able to share my knowledge of health and nutrition with a group of Veterans! They were an amazing group. 

Thank you to Carol Klein for organizing the event.  Her organization, A Hero's Night Out provides these heroes with a ton of activities. Maybe you have a gift you can share! Danielle Zanzarov Rodrquez 8/23/11

Hello, Carol. Thank you for the opportunity to help make the men laugh. Comedian Rick Morgan 4/12

THANK YOU!!! TOMMY SULLIVAN WAS AWESOME!!! Thank You for doing all that you do for us! You truly are the type of people we served so proudly for! SEMPER FI! Mike N. USMC 4/12

Thank you Carol for getting Tommy Sullivan from the Brooklyn Bridge to come to the Salvation Army Shelter at the Northport VA on 1/13/15.

He brought back some cherished memories from my childhood past and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. God Bless, Thanks A Bunch, Kevin T.

These are some of the volunteers that helped us honor our veterans and became our friends.


We received this email from Jinny the recreational therapist at the V.A. one Veteran showed me that he videoed the entertainer last week and stated that they all enjoyed her… and he stated that her music soothes him, so he plays it all the time. And, another added that he gave his inspirational bracelet to his mom and she loved it and he stated that he had fun making it.  He said, “at first I didn’t want to do it, but she kept encouraging me, so I figured I would try it and I am glad I did.. 

I had a great time. 6/18

I want to thank you so much for the love and support that you showed us Veterans over here in Northport  N.Y., at the Beacon House Shelter, and the Bldg 64. Thank you once again we love you. God bless you, and have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year's. F. Payton Jr. 12/17 


It was an honor performing for veterans at Northport VA last night. Carol Klein does a GREAT job organizing these "Our Heroes Night Out" programs. Her and her son are also great children's entertainers. Magic by Rob McEntee 4/17 

Thank you for inviting me. It was a great experience and I enjoyed chatting with the guys and just trying to understand all they’ve been through for our freedom. You are doing remarkable work and I will certainly be back to do my part. They had me thinking a lot about my obligation to improve our society and country.Thanks again, Carol. Stay in touch and let me know if I can ever help out again.Neil Carousso 2016

This Letter was sent to Rohan who was gracious enough to come and share his story with the veterans. Peace brother Rohan,I pray all is well with you. You probably don’t remember me but my name is Muhammad and you came to Northport V.A. and spoke to me and some other veterans at the Beacon House. I am not only homeless but am now 3 months clean off a 20 year heroin addiction. You were so inspirational to me that I have since moved to another stage of recovery on the same campus. You have given me the spirit of hope and was wondering if you could come back and spread that spirit with the new group I am in. We are survivors of sexual trauma, post traumatic trauma and drug addiction. If you could it would really give this group some hope. C. M 5/16 

Thank you for inviting us to perform  ( Fundraiser event ) and hope the rest of the show was successful. We had a great time and we met so many wonderful people.Thanks again. Ralph, Nicholas and Blake The RRR Horns 3/16


It was an honor to speak tonight at the veteran’s hospital in Northport, NY. Thank you for your service! Rohan Murphy  2/16

It was indeed a pleasure and honor tonight. It's an evening that we will treasure. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!! NEXUS-JULIA, VINCE, JOHN & JOHNNY CHRISTINE/JOHN-MGRS.1/16

It was an honor and my pleasure. I had a great time too performing this mitzvah! Comedian, Les Degen 12/15

Thanks for having me over, and thank you for the gift shirt.  They were a fun group, they really love old movies, and are quite knowledgeable. Please keep me informed if you want to do this again. Glenn Andreiev​ 11/15

Thank you for inviting me for a great night of belted with the veterans. Tom Bee, Kick boxing champ 11/15

​Hi Carol, Thank You many times over for all of the wonderful things you do for us at the Salvation Army Shelter. The parlor games your guest brought and explained was great.It brought back memories of similar games I played growing up. I was not able to make the trip to Adventure land, but I know the guys & gals had a great night out. I can't thank you enough. David L 8/15

Tonight Chef AJ wanted to help brighten up dinner @ the VA in North Port Long Island. ... and boy did we get fooled....tonight was better than any high maintenance dinner party I have been to in a long time filled with warmth and laughter and great conversation I even went home with a great novel recommendation and intended to have it read by the next "Heros Night Out "so that my new friend and I may discuss it on August 4th...Thank you for reaching out to us Carol Klein.these individuals were so inviting and caring Chef AJ and I kept thanking them for having us there tonight. What a lovely evening and this all could not have been achieved with out the founder of "Heroes Night out Carol Klein and her lovely family. Carol and I had such a lovey time watching the dinner unfold when Carol introduced the Chef who cook tonight's dinner the crowd was amazed they all loved Chef AJ's Roasted Chicken and Arroz Amerillo con Gandules with a mixed green salad and minnie croissant and allowed her to talk about who she is and why she cooked for them and she even sang before they ate the Star Spangled Banner. PLEASE EVERYONE YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW CAROL KLEIN AND HEROS NIGHT OUT. IT IS TRULY A worthwhile event that gives you more then you can ever imagine. Please go to Carol Klein's site she and her son are local Long Island entertainers and click on "Our Heros Night Out" you too will be able to help support this great cause. Liz & Chef AJ 7/15

I had a great time.Those guys were great. 

Michele, comedian 6/15​  

This is our pleasure. We would play for the Vets every day!!  Mary Ristano 5/15

Thank you for the opportunity to entertain the guys, always an honor. Philip Levy 4/15

Again thank you for all that you do for the veterans here.  It it greatly appreciated by all the staff and veterans of the Salvation Army Northport. Lisa 4/15

Share your time and talents with our veterans.

Long Island veterans Kids entertainer, clowns,magicians

 Hank Stone Band Thank you Carol & Mark for giving our vets their Heroes Night Out. It was our honor to bring some live original music to the unit. 


Carol, I wanted to thank you so much for the music event last night. The Veterans reported how much they enjoyed the performance. Events like this really help the Veterans in their recovery! Debra Dyckoff-Kurland RN, NP 3/19

Hi Carol, it was a pleasure to meet you the other evening and Mike. I would love to work with you on other projects. Let's​ keep in touch and if you ever need music, we offer all styles... 

Regards, The Jack Morelli Band 3/19 

Hi Carol, It was certainly a pleasure and an honor to cook for this fine heroes. I’m looking forward to doing something much grander in the spring. Thank you for reaching out to me. My friend Kevin Brophy is a Navy Veteran and my dad Ben Vasile is a Korea War Army Veteran. I invited them to join me that day. My friend Rob Camarda of Lancaster Quality Meats donated the pork. He was not able to come. Please let me know if any other opportunities to help. I will be in touch with you about the spring. Regards, Frankeboybb 10/18

Hello Carol. Great meeting you last night. Glad I spent some time with everyone last night. It's a great thing that you do, hope to visit again.Thanks, have a great summer! Sean Landeta 8/18

It was great honoring our veterans Friday night at the Northport VA Medical Center. I volunteered my time to speak about my experiences in Olympic weightlifting and my road to veganism . I love to empower and support others on their journeys !!! Thank you Carol Klein for making this happen!!! Ramona Adelle Cadogan 8/18

Always great to see you Carol. I had fun entertaining the troops.

 Les Degan singer, comedian 8/18 

Rob Bartlett posted on his Facebook. I need to share something. Last night I had a very profound experience. I had the honor to do standup for a group of homeless Veterans from Northport VA Medical Center. These men and women welcomed me as if I was an old, dear friend, and were about the best audience I think I have EVER had the pleasure to work for. They could not have been more grateful to me, when, meanwhile, I am the one who was most grateful. The sacrifice that these true American Heroes willingly made to insure my freedom...there are no words to express how much I appreciate them...and how embarrassed and disgusted I am by the way they have been literally abandoned by the country they served. It is a disgrace that is incomprehensible to me. Thank God for people like Mark & Carol Klein, who run 'Heroes Night Out', a bare bones labor of love that provides entertainment for these tragically forgotten soldiers. Their motto is "Honoring Our Homeless Veterans One Night At A Time" If you would like to donate, sponsor or share your talents, call them at 516 579-6524. Their thoughtful compassion and desire to do what is right, and provide just a little light into lives that deserve so much more, are inspiring. 8/16

 ​Hi Carol and Mark, Thank you both- the guys were fantastic. So warm and welcoming- Pete and I are thankful for being able to be a part of your heroes night out. ​Warm regards Joann and Pete Pandslfi Enjoy your food Enjoy your life.10/14  

 Carol & Mark ... you guys are awesome !!! thank you... it was our pleasure " we enjoyed every minute !!!!"  The Mary had a Little Jam band 12/14 

 John and I were very blessed to be able to perform here. We really had a great time. June The Blues to Blackstreet band 2/15

This was sent to us by one of the veterans after a program about eating healthy by nutritionist 

Madeline Berg. 

Hi Thanks for Tuesday night! DUH??? "Fruit and Vegetables"??? Mark "with a K" Rienzie 4/15

We are Kids entertainers on Long Island in Levittown We are Long Island.children's magician for a veterans in New York