Children's entertainers for veterans


Legros cultural arts, 

Action Coach, Zev Asch
Little House of Yoga

 The  Improv group (The Turnstiles)
Tracy Stopler,Nuturtion etc, Inc. & Melanie
Music with, Kate & Dan & Anna
Music with the Low Riders

 Music by, Grand Folk Rail Road
Danny from Hounds Towns

Roxanne from Exotic Chocolate Tasting
Little House of Yoga

 Music by, Kevin Covais (American Idol)
Old Time Baseball Players,

 Darcy's Delights Bread
Center Lane Pizza, Levittown
Motivational speaker Devon Harris
Music with the Sisters, Andrea & Celeste

Knock em Dead Comedy
The Dixhills Performing Arts Center
NY Hysterical Society

 Music by, Chip Off The Old Records
Penntra Laos Catering, See Saw Comedy
Edible Arrangements, Commack
Theater Three, Port Jefferson

 John Travolta's Look A Like
Elite Transport, Bon Bon chocolatier
Long Island physic Janet Russell

 Music with Wade Jamm
Tom Sullivan from The Brooklyn Bridge
Music by Jeff Curtis 

Commack Bowling Alley
Cooking with, Joann & Pete Pandslfi
Music by The Blues to Blackstreet Band
Steve Belanger, Pound and a half cakes
Michelle R from N.C.M.C CSEA

Chef AJ and her mom Ev Bizelia
Kick boxing champ Tommy Bee & Tim
Documentaries on Hollywood movies with Glenn Andreiev
CJ King, Graphic designer

 Music with Nexus band
Music with The Brooklyn Time Machine
Ken Kojak Rappaport

Music by, Anita Bloomfield
Music by, Frank & John  Frizalone
Music with The Expressions

 Music by Katie Zimmer & Lenny
Living & Eating Healthy with Janine Mori,
The Old Bethpage Equestrian Center

 Cluadia Sukman, VFW & Auxiliary Farmingdale, My Sunshine organization

 Star Boxing with Ron Katz, Johnny "Hitman" Hernandez and Sean Lyons
My dear friends Harry Sterns & Joanne Hackmen
Rob Kammerer with The Heart Saver Institute

Mario Vitellozzi, Dadio's band
Motivational speaker, ​Michelle Vaughan,
Music with He Birds She Birds

Motivational speaker Jeffrey Bloom
Tammy Hoey Inspire Me Painting Parties
Music with Valerie Rose

 Music with John Kelvn & Maryann 

Learn and Play Day Care

 Levittown's Vincenzo´s Pizza 

Weight lifter, Ramona Adelle Cadogan

Sean Landetta, Giants football player

 CBS news caster, Sophia Hall

 Donation from Bill Fisher 

Bernie and Sid in the morning radio show

East Coast Black Belt academy

Music by; Open Mic Performing Artist
Kenn Machin, Spencer Gould, Ray Jensen

John Rissotto, The Unwind band

Thomas Ryan, Greg Seck 

 Mary had a little Jam band, Claire Kolensky, Bob Blatchley, Rick Bonilla, Dinnes Lake

Wayne Ferguson

 Children's entertainers for Veterans organization in New York long Island Veterans organization Magician,Balloonist 



Joey Kola, ​Rob Bartlett, Mark Brier, Rich Walker

Harry Freedman, Bernie & Friends, Tim Homonoon

 Rick Morgan, Rosemarie Kluepfel, Anne Gambina

 Manny Erias, Jessica Collazo, Mobiggs

Sara Quin, George Rini, Joe Romby, Steve Prestia,

Kenny Warren, Jeffery Paul, Chris Rocth

 John Cosoli,Sid Singh, Nanci Richards

 Johnny Huff, Tim Gage, Lori Palmentari

 Tom Kelly, Joe Romby Jr, Billy Bingo
Pubge Fernandiz, Tom Padovano

​Buddy Flip & Friends, Paul Anthony

 Adam Mancuso, Matthew Guerrido

Matthew Parody, Marcus Johnson

 Eric Haft,Monica Taller, Paul Corrogan
John Carocchia, Joe pontillo, Victory McCoy

 Patrick Donohue, Brain Cutaia, Carl Tese
Project nine line Veteran's Comedy Assault 

Michele Durante, Helaine Witt, Mitch Shapiro

 Pat Gagllardi, Eddie Faicco, John Larocchia

Les Degen, Dottie Rausch, Joe Capella

 Evan Weiss, Adam Parsons, Bob Rossi
Alan Kimbarow, Dave Chipperfield, Jamie Dresher

John Passadino, Michael Horn, Joe Mylonas

​See Saw Comedy Improv Troop, John Santo

Peter Bales, Pat Marone, Justin Watts

Ruby Fusco, Jan Brenner, Brian James

Sean Miller, Kenny Carr, Paul Bond, Joe Giannino

 Stephen Porrillo, Mike Calcagno, Tim Thomson

​Paul Corrigan, Kevin Kneyer

 Devin Giannini, D.J.Denny, Art Schill, Evan Weiss, Americo Flaiban, Andrew Plagaios, 

Art Sliver, Sid Lynn, Chris Roach

  Magic with: Bob McEntee, Al Rubebstien

Jeff Miller, Dan Miller, Phil Levy, Joe Mered, Dr Mel

 Pat Darienzo, Wayne Haarhaus long Island Veterans organization Magician,Balloonist Children's entertainers for veterans 


Music with The Huntington's band

 Look Who's Cooking, Barbara Sheridan  

 Music with The Sheppard Brothers, Milleridge Inn
Cooking with Sue & Michelle Bazzicalope & Jenifer 

My Friends, Carol, Dale, Donna, 

Paige & Marie
​My sister Gloria, My cousin Arlene 

 My brothers Alex, Nate, Sam & David
Music with Acoustics Duo, ​Lis & Jim
Adventure land, Splish,Splash Water Park
Robert, Chaoscommandos, Walk FM

Donation from Banz Hair Salon
Cup cake decorating with Nicola Ingrassia
Star Play house, 

Psychic night with Lois Martin

American Culinary Federation

Chefs Nancy Gerard & Eric with Wilson Tech Western Suffolk  BOCES

Maria Regina religion school, 

JKings Food service
Music with Where Stars Collide Band
Singer, Samantha Becker and her family
NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Ace Hardware

 DixHills Diner, ​National Circus Projects

 ​Divine Brines Food, Dunkin Donuts
​The Back in Time car club
Unleash your your full potential with Eunenia Karahalias
Lynn Goldstein with Life Path Wellness Center
Ladies Auiliary of V.F.W.Farmingdale
National football league referee Steve Zimmer,  
Newsday sports writer Bob Herzog
Dana & Laura with Long Island Cares

 Legislator Rob Trotta & Sue Eckert
SFC Allen Fajardo & Cpt Robert Cornicalli
Nutritionist Madeleine Berg and Danny
Islander's, Clark Gillies

 Basketball coach, Ed Krinsky
BK Sweeny's Farmingdale,

 Dr. Stephen Post
Diane Fisher, Music with Rebecca Kapica 

 Chocolate with a twist Wild Lizzy's Cookies

Northport Fire Dept

Fire House Kitchen with Ray Cooney
Jockey Janice L. Blake & Braulio Baeza.

Cornell Extension Suffolk, 

Inspiration with, Rohan Murphy
Radio talk host cbs news Neil Carousso

 Laurie Condon, Roseann Margrane

Entenmann's Family Bakery
Music with the Back Porch Band 

Music with Singer, song writer Lisa Polizzi

​Lawyer, Body builder, Richard Collins

The Hot Dawg Truck, Donna & Gary Kolosky

​Christine Keller, The Children’s Sangha

 Jerlin Cuesta, Oysterbay Library 

Music with Michael Accurso & Ray Sellitti

Justin Conway from Ninja warriors

​ We the people united corp with Jim Ryan

Blue Star Moms, Edward Kern, ​Tom Peker

Paint Nite with Collette & Lisa
Creating Jewelry with Mimma Fico & Connie Chirico

Cooking with Joan & Peter Mylonas

Music with Jerry, Kathy & Bob Cardone

Taco Joe's, Frank E Boy's Smokin' BBQ, Moe's, Music with Lamar Peters as Elvis

Music with Carolyn Miller & Drew Jones

Music with Jack Morelli

 David Phelps and Glenn Palermo

Live Mic Mikey, Music with Amber Ferrari

 Music and inspiration with Krista Giannak

Music by Hank Stone Band

Sports Talk with Errol Marks


Moe's of East Meadow